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Angst | Romance | Post-Hogwarts

Draco has been taking his casual relationship with Harry for granted. Visits from four key ghosts the night before Christmas just might shake up his priorities in life.


This is the most precious thing in this world! It is gorgeous and melted my heart! Almost made me cry several times, made me squeal and just took at my emotions, put them in a 8-ball and then just shock it! Let me just say that the only reason to why I didn’t cry, was because I was in class while I read it! Although I’ve been giving strange looks from the sounds that came from me.

It was brillant! It had everything a fic could possibly have and I loved every bit of it. I adored this remake of A Christmas Carol, the HD twist gives it just the right touch! 



"If you weren’t an heir and if your father wasn’t after my head-"

"You’re not really scared of my father?"

"No, but I’m pretty scared of you."

"Don’t be…"

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like father, like son

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Can you imagine Steve Rogers holding his newborn baby for the first time? His eyes are wide with disbelief as he stares at this tiny infant. He’s too afraid to hold the baby at first because it just seems so small and fragile, but then he can’t take it any longer and needs tangible validation that this baby is real—that it’s his. So very gently he holds the baby, feeling this indescribable swell of emotion. He wants to laugh, he wants to cry; he wants this baby to know that he loves them more than anything in this world and that he will do anything to keep them safe and happy.

That’s when Steve Rogers realizes that his true purpose in life—the whole reason of his existence—was not to become Captain America. He was born to be a father.

"When you met your birth parents, did you see yourself in their faces?"

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Anonymous asked: Thor takes his nephew, Peter (Steve and Tony's babe) to Asgard for his birthday, and petere mistakes Odin for Santa.



"Do not worry, Man of Iron." Thor’s voice boomed as he placed his hand on Tony’s shoulder, squeezing just a little too hard. "The child will be returned before the Eve of Christmas."

Tony wiggled out of the grip of Thor, smiling at the offer. “Thanks, buddy. But uh, maybe you should talk to Steve, too, before you whisk our son away?”

Thor beamed. “No need. I have already broken words with the Captain. He agrees, he thinks it would be fun for young Peter to know diversity of worlds.”

Tony smiled. “Great. But remember: back before Christmas Eve. Now let’s go get Pete.”


"Santa!" The words were spoken with a lisp but it was still loud enough to echo across the hall, giving the All-Father pause.

Odin blinked, staring at the tiny being in Thor’s arms as if it we’re his own, before he burst into smile.

"Ah," Odin’s voice saw sweet, which scared Thor more than him yelling. "It has been too long since a child has been in these halls. Not since your and Loki’s heir was born. But uh," Odin paused, eyes flickering to Thor. "Who is this ‘Santa’?"

Thor laughed. “He is a legend of Earth. He goes around and delivers gifts to all good boys and girls. In a single night.” And Thor might have sounded a little too excited.

Odin didn’t respond but the look on his face said enough.

He was honored.



Everything is possible


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